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Precoated Film

Precoated Film

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Precoated film is applying adhesive on the plastic film first and then laminated with paper products. It is first achieved by applying a layer of EVA adhesive to the surface of plastic film according to different lengths and then forwarded to end users’ for choice, then laminated with other printed paper products. After lamination, the surface of the final products shall be smooth and glossy, so the gloss and adhesion of the printing ink can be improved, with more brilliant effects, third dimension, and anti-water, anti-contamination, anti-chemicals at the same time.

This item is non-toxic, high transparency, high gloss, low static electricity, anti-abrasive, long effective corona treatment, less defects, easy opening, mainly used for the printing, bag-making, adhesive tape, lamination with other substrate materials, widely applied in clothing, food industry.

Easy operation: As long as the temperature of the heat roller is qualified, lamination can be done, with no great craftmanship, with high efficiency and low cost.

Machine: suitable for dry lamination machine. As to solvent laminating machine, turn off the adhesive coating and heating device, precoated film then can be used.

Temperature of Heat roller: 85~100℃ for common printed items, 100~110℃ for particular printed items ( that means printed items with thick ink layer, deep color, high moisture and large paper quantification)

Pressure: 10~18Mpa

Speed: 8~50m/min

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