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Thermal Insulation Film

Thermal Insulation Film

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The building thermal insulation film produced by China evergreen packaging and printing Co., Ltd select and use the following raw material :

High reflectivity metallized PET film :

HRVMPET has excellent physical properties , chemical and dimension stability , ageing resistance . Aluminum layer thickness is 400? and above, OD?2, light reflection rate is above 99% , can efficiently reflect infrared , ultraviolet and visible light . It can offer an efficient protection and heat insulation function for the building which mainly transmit thermal and heat via lights . Meantime it highly reduced the aluminum consumption compare pure aluminum foil, save the energy ,resource and down the cost. It can wholly replace the Aluminum in many field. HRVMPET can widely use in magnetographic , sensitive material , electronic, construction , packaging and decoration.

Flame retardant PE film :

  • Use origin polyethylene resin, add flame retardant additive made by EPP specially for construction purpose . Cooperate with ageing resistance additive, antioxygen, UV absorber ,stabilizing agent , processed through thriple extrution ,width is up to 4 meters . It can fullfill the request of construction , petrochemical , mine , salt and agriculture purpose.

Aluminum foil :

Aluminum foil is soft metal film , has the specialty of mositure resistance , oxygen resistance , light resistance ,corrosion resistance, non-toxic etc. It is very excellent construction thermal insulation material . The main shorting coming is poor mechanical properties , easy transformation and broken . High price.

Flame retardant glue:

The flame retardant glue is made specially for construction thermal film , it has characteristics such as non-toxic , flame retardant , good lamination strength etc.

The main structure of construction thermal insulation film in China evergreen packaging and printing co.,ltd are Al-PE and HRVMPET-PE. Laminate the films through glue or casting . The products can efficiently express the refection function of Al foil or HRVMPET , and the PE film mainly increase the mechanical strength of the functional film and protect the functional film. The maximum lamination width is up to 2.2m in our factory. Construction thermal film can be independently used in building as thermal resistance level on outer and inner wall , roof . If it cooperate with other thermal insulation material which mainly resist the heat coming through conduction such as rock fiber , glass fiber , rubber-plastic , the thermal resistance ability can highly increased and it also can protect the above mentioned materials from aging and damaging.

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