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Hot Stamping Foil

Hot Stamping Foil

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Hot stamping foil is the combination of some elements' the chemical reaction. In essence, a chemical reaction through the coating machine is made of a variety of techniques. The thickness of hot stamping foil is normally 12, 16, 18, 20 microns. As PET film has very good heat stand ability, the base film normally use PET film. Our hot stamping foil is from 4 layers to 5 layers, made by coating separate layer, color layer, metallized layer, glue layer and then cutting against customer's request.

First layer: base film

China evergreen packaging and printing co., ltd normally use PET 12 microns as base film, PET film has very good heat stand ability and can keep good function at 160 degrees which is higher than most of the hot stamping foil working temperature. The PET film will not deform during stamping.The main purpose of the base film is to support the coating layers and convenient for continuously hot stamping action. Stable function of the base film is the key factor of the quality of stamping foil.

Second layer: Separate layer

The second called separate which is made of silicon resin normally. Its main function is to help the color layer, metallized layer and glue layer transit the stamping target surface whatever the film is heated or pressed.

Third layer: color layer

The main elements of the color layer is the resin and ink which have very good coating ability and heat stand ability, transparency as well. It is main function is to show color, protect the metallized layer from oxidation. Hot stamping foil has many kinds of colors, such as green, pink, silver, green, red etc. The colors show shining light through the refection of the AL metallized layer. The main request of color layer is pure and without any foreign material to keep the design smooth and uniform.

Forth layer: Al metallized layer

Metallized layer is to make the base film with color layers into the vacuum metallizing machine, to metallize the Al on the surface of color layer. It is main function is to reflect the light and change the characteristic of color layer.

Fifth layer : glue layer

Glue layer normally uses heat adhesive resin. The resin is coated on the Al layer through coating machine. Concreted by heat in dryer. It is main function is transit and stick the metalized layer and color layer on the target surface.

The hot stamping foil products of china evergreen packaging and printing co..ltd are used under the temperature from 110 to 160 degrees, heating time is from 0.3 to 0.8 seconds. The main color is gold, silver, red, blue, black or customized designs. The stamping target is including paper, plastic film, ink, wood, card box, textile, leather etc. The pattern after stamping has the traits of clear, shining, beautiful,uniform, smooth and good scrape proof ability.

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