Structure infomation Dimension infomation
Materials Thickness Side gusset Bottom Gusset Three side sealed
First Printing Layer: MICRONS Width: M Width: M Width: M
Second Layer: MICRONS Height: M Height: M Height: M
Third Layer: MICRONS Side Gusset: M Bottom Gusset: M
Fouth Layer: MICRONS Remark: side gusset and bottom gusset must be unfolded dimension
Fifth Layer: MICRONS Printing: Valve: Zipper: Nortch: Matt process:
Price/1000pcs: USD MOQ:PCS
Weight/1000pc: KG  
1.Price information is only for customer evaluation , not for final quotation.
2.Price is invalid for ultra small or ultra big size bag which cause additional human work and more waste.
3.Final explaination right and copy right belongs to EPP.
Structure infomation Dimension infomation
Materials Thickness
First Printing Layer: MICRONS Height Ofroll:M
Second Layer: MICRONS Length/Roll:M
Third Layer: MICRONS Printing:
Fouth Layer: MICRONS
Fifth Layer: MICRONS
Price/Roll: USD Price/Kg: USD Weight/Roll: KG
MOQ: ROLLS Yieldity/Kg: M2 OD/Roll: MM